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“While life has not yet finished all is still possible.”  (Wolof proverb)


Our survival is dependent on living in harmony with the natural, animal and material world.  Our interaction with the earth is a symbiotic one, meaning that both HUMANKIND and EARTH benefit from the relationship.  Our thinking, or consciousness, can create a paradigm shift, a transformation, a collective change in the way we see our place in the universe.


The series “Symbiosis” focuses on the power of consciousness and its role in creating a more sustainable, viable and enjoyable future for the inhabitants of this planet.  The imagery highlights some of the things that are at stake.  Everything on earth is connected.  We are one with our environment.  It is up to us to determine the legacy we leave behind.


During an artist residency in The Netherlands, I had a chance encounter with the artist model Geke Hankel.  I asked if I could take her portrait.  The resulting photograph was then used as the foundation for a series of composites with imagery shot of contemporary life in the Netherlands. 

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