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b.  Sacramento, California




Louisiana Contemporary 2020, Third Place, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, 2020

The Durfee Foundation, Artists' Resource for Completion Grant (multimedia performance) 2000 

The Cleveland International Performance Art Festival (multimedia performance) 1997 

Honorable Mention, Long Beach Arts , "After the Beep" (video installation) 1995

College Music Journal's "Top 100 Albums" (Neo Geo) 1992




Byrdcliffe Arts Colony, Woodstock, New York, 2022

Atelier Simeon ten Holt, Bergen, North Holland, The Netherlands, 2022

Gamli Skóli, Hrisey, Iceland, 2019

Waaw, Saint-Louis, Senegal, West Africa, 2017 

Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts, University of Houston, Texas, 2006


multimedia artist . composer . performer

Photography, video, installation, mixed-media, performance art.  Artwork exhibited nationally, museum collection, public art, performance/theatre invitationals.  (Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Cleveland International Performance Art Festival, California Museum of Art, Santa Rosa, The Durfee Foundation, Artists' Resource for Completion Grant, City of Elk Grove Art in Public Places).


Commissioned to compose and/or perform live scores (musical/sound) for theatre, dance, film, art installations and site-specific performance.  (UCLA Live International Theatre Festival, Institute of Contemporary Art, Glasgow, Scotland, University of Houston, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts, California Center for the Arts, Escondido).


Performed solo and as a member of various musical ensembles and performance groups.  (Ockham's Razor, Guitar Boy, The Rachel Rosenthal Company, Blithering Heights, Neo Geo).

Released several albums.





Visual / Installation Art, Santa Monica College of Design, Art and Architecture, Santa Monica 

Performance Art, Rachel Rosenthal Company, Los Angeles 

BA Psychology / Music, California State University, Sacramento

AA Social Science / Art, Sacramento City College, Sacramento

Piano Instruction, nine years privately



select solo and group exhibitions . installations 

"huldufolk" photography, Many More, Craft Contemporary, Los Angeles, 2022

"determination or distrust", "king" and "flamingo" photography, 61st Juried Exhibition, Haggin Museum, CA, 2022

“You Want Peace?” and “determination or distrust” 2020: An International Juried Photography Exhibition, University of Southern Mississippi Museum of Art, 2021

“Qween Amor” The Connected World: 2020, International Photography Competition, Los Angeles Center of Photography/Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, 2020

“determination or distrust” Louisiana Contemporary 2020, Third Place, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, 2020

“Portes Ouvertes” Nouveaux Ateliers Waaw, Saint-Louis, Senegal, 2017

"Ascending Matters” mixed-media installation in The Von Restorff Effect, Trunk Gallery, Los Angeles, 2016

“if I got rid of my demons, I'd lose my angels” mixed-media installation, Trunk Gallery, 2015 

“Tribute to Ai Wei Wei on the Occasion of his 58th Birthday” mixed-media installation in Ai Wei Wei – A Tribute, Trunk Gallery, 2015

“Shark Attack” mixed-media in The Toy Train Show, Trunk Gallery, 2015

“Bountiful Creak" video in "Quick Flicks", Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, Florida, 2001

"Live Feed" video in "Fairy," Side Street Live, Los Angeles, 2001 

"Beautiful Freak" video in 21st Suffragettes , Brooklyn, NY, 2001 

"Pink Cloud on a Teal Day" in Pat Payne's "The Deepest Clearest Blue I've Ever Seen" Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, 2001

"Pink Cloud on a Teal Day" Video Blowout! Crazy Space Gallery, Santa Monica, 2000

"Funky Chicken", video installation, The Laboratory, Los Angeles, 2000

"Cube de Rubic", slide projection, "Projections IX: Before and After" Side Street Projects, Los Angeles, 2000

"Dancing With Myself" video, Houseworks Performance Series, Venice, 2000

"Unsex Me Here" multimedia installation/ performance, Crazy Space Gallery, 2000

"Beautiful Freak" video, The Lab, Los Angeles, 2000 

"Excerpts " mixed media, The Warehouse Gallery, Artshare , Los Angeles, 1998

"Consciousness + Reality = Illusion" multimedia installation/performance, Gallery 825, West Hollywood , 1997

"Baba's Chair'' video/sound installation , Interior Landscapes , SMCDAA, Santa Monica, 1997 

"Self-Portrait", New Photography Division, Los Angeles County Fair, Pomona, 1996 

"Collideoscope" interactive video/sound installation, 1996 Open, Gallery 825, 1996

"Self Portrait" photography , About Face, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, 1996

"Dum Spiro, Spero" video/sound installation, Los Angeles County-Wide Arts Open House, Santa Monica, 1996

"sorry i can't be there but my thoughts are with you" mixed media, California Museum of Art, Santa Rosa, 1995 

"After the Beep" multimedia installation/performance , Wide Open Open, Long Beach Arts, Long Beach, 1995

"Crashed Test Dummies" multimedia installation, KROQ Weenie Roast, Irvine, CA, 1994

"Family Tree" multimedia installation, Celebration in Runyon Canyon, Hollywood, 1994

"Crashed Test Dummies" multimedia installation, Venice Art Walk, Venice, 1994



curator . gallerist . select curated exhibitions  

TRUNK GALLERY, Los Angeles California 2011-2018


“Entanglement” An eclectic group of scientists and artists have been assembled who create art inspired by science.  Participating in the exhibition are Ann Erpino, Amy Helene, Randi Hokett and Cris Orfescu.  Among the artworks on display will be NanoArt, painting, encaustic with crystals, mosaics and photography.  Sept. 10, 2016 – Oct. 6, 2016.

“The Von Restorff Effect” Exhibit of installation works, with the focus being the viewer experience and the experience intensity. Five artists working in painting, photography, video, mixed-medium, 

sound and sculpture. June 2, 2016 – July 6, 2016.

TOTEM Kinetic light sculptures from artist Timothy McHargue utilizing home-harvested bamboo measuring up to 9 feet tall. March 7 – April 10, 2015.  Trunk Gallery, Los Angeles

Steven M. Johnson:  “Fear Furniture and Public Therapy Buses” Meticulous ink drawings that are a study in humor and inventive genius, Johnson's art is the sum of his parts: a former urban planner, cartoonist and future trends analyst. June 21 – July 21, 2014. Trunk Gallery, Los Angeles

“Merge + Mix = Mingle” An exhibition of paintings and mixed-media work from southern California artists Rhea Ashcraft and Margot Waller Madgett.  February 22 – March 22, 2014.  Trunk Gallery, LA

“21 Hours of 21 Artists”  A salon-style exhibition of paintings, prints, drawings and sculpture from Venice, CA artists. August 23-31, 2013.  Trunk Gallery, Los Angeles.

Raffaello Grimaldi “Not All Wandering Souls Are Lost” An American Master working in abstract expressionism, who has a life's work spanning some 3,000 paintings across 26 countries.  June 22 - August 3, 2013.  Trunk Gallery, Los Angeles.

Mark Daybell “If you can't join them, beat them.” Daybell presents new work alongside selected work from his oeuvre that examines the myth of celebrity by employing photography, video, installation, text and performance.  May 11-June 8, 2013.  Trunk Gallery, Los Angeles.

Joseph Umali Fernandez “Strong In Pieces”  A sculptor and ceramicist, Fernandez creates impressionistic sculptures of the human body and of animals by manipulating wire and found materials.  March 2-23, 2013.  Trunk Gallery, Los Angeles.

Lacie Stiewing “Lucky Bunny”  Sculptures and installation from an Alaskan artist who uses urban pop culture and humor 

in her depiction of wildlife while exploring formal elements of art.  December 7-30, 2012.  Trunk Gallery, Los Angeles.

Rachelle Dowdy “Up North”  Exploring the collision of mankind and the natural world, she gives physical form to these 

dualities through animal-human hybrids created out of wood, concrete,     rope and found materials.  November 2-December 2, 2012, Trunk Gallery, Los Angeles

Mike Temple and Moris Tepper  Non-objective, abstracting paintings from Temple; and figurative abstract-expressionist paintings and sculpture from Tepper. October 6-28, 2012.  Trunk Gallery, Los Angeles

“Faux Toes” black and white photographic works from Rachel Bujalski, Mark Daybell, Hayley Fisk, Trish Herremans, Leebs, Emma Lin and Shakunetsu O.  Using both standard film and digital processes, the artists in this exhibition display work comprising contemporary documentary, fine art and conceptual practice. August 11 - September 22, 2012. Trunk Gallery, LA

Roman Deingruber “Believing is Seeing” Video installations and single-channel work in which the artist explores perceptional drifts between the conscious and unconscious, the seen and unseen, (using the self) with the artist as subject.  May 5-July 1, 2012, Trunk Gallery, LA

The Flower Show Michael.  Hoffee, acrylics, Sara Biersteker, installation. Announcing the arrival of spring Hoffee's outsider-esque large canvases and Biersteker's mid-gallery tableau comprised of hundreds of hand made flowers.  February 25 - March 31, 2012. Trunk Gallery, Los Angeles

Fetish: The Art of Assemblage featuring James Mullen and Kari Harvey.  Artists using doll parts, mannequins and nails create chilling art which exudes awareness of its primitive and compulsive elements.  December 10, 2011 - January 22, 2012. Trunk Gallery, Los Angeles



live performances .  performance art . music

“SWARM”, osseus labyrint, score and live performance commissioned by the University of Houston, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts; 

"Hypostatsis" osseus labyrint (live score) Moseley Road Swimming Baths, Birmingham, England;

"Hypostatsis" osseus labyrint (live score) Institute of Contemporary Art, Glasglow, Scotland;

"Hypostatsis" osseus labyrint (live score) Stratford Circus, London, England; 

"Cosmic Phenomena and Related Species" Marianne Magne (live score) 7 degrees, Laguna Beach;

"Feast" (Lauren Hartman installation) Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica 

"Signal To Noise" Esther Mera (video installation) California Center for the Arts , Escondido;

"Ambient Loop #2" Delirium Tremens Gallery, Echo Park Arts Festival; 

"Postcards From Chicken" (live score) Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica;

"Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses " osseus labyrint (live score) Side Street Live, LA;

"Guitar Boy" The Smell, Los Angeles;

"Guitar Boy" The Fold, Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles

"Mama" in "Around the World; Benefit" Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica; 

"Singing Is Not A Pleasant Sensation," "Irrational Exhibits", Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica;

"Irrational Exhibits", performer in "E," Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica; 

"Search Engine" performed as "Alien," Side Street Live, Los Angeles;

"Singing Is Not A Pleasant Sensation," California Institute for Abnormal Arts , North Hollywood ; 

"The Sound Excursion Center'' with Michael lntriere , Holly Matter Modern Art , Hollywood; 

"Post-Millennia! Synaptic Pathways" California Institute for Abnormal Arts, North Hollywood; 

"Search Engine" performed as "Alien," The lntegratron, Landers, CA;

"Pop Tarts North" (Guitar Boy) California Institute for Abnormal Arts , North Hollywood;

"Singing Is Not A Pleasant Sensation " in "Experimental Mediums" Knitting Factory, Hollywood 

"Winter Museum" performer in "E," Electric Lodge, Venice;

"The Bride and the Bachelor'' (collaboration with Peter Schroff) Hot & Sticky, Seventh Annual Performance Extravaganza, Highways Performance Space;

"Labor" (live score/performer) Are You Interested Performance Series, El Segundo 

"Head" Acts in Action Democratic Intervention Festival of Art and Resistance, 18th St. Arts Complex, Santa Monica

"Labor," Are You Interested Performance Series, SSI, El Segundo , 2000; 

"Membrane Flashing" Pop Tarts, Highways Performance Space; 

Pop Tarts (Guitar Boy), Highways Performance Space; 

"Guitar Boy's 4th of July Freak Out" Highways Performance Space;

Pop Tarts East, (Guitar Boy), Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles;

The Nuyorican Poet's Cafe, (Guitar Boy), 

New York City; Dixon Place, (Guitar Boy),

New York City; The Knitting Factory, (Guitar Boy), 

New York City; CBGB , (Guitar Boy), New York City; 

"In Passing" Carol Cetrone, (live score), Fletcher & Riverside , Silverlake;

"The Bride and the Bachelor" Side St. Project's Bank Vault Ball, Los Angeles ; 

"World Beyond Festival" (Guitar Boy), SIPA Center, Los Angeles ;

"Love Fest" (Guitar Boy), Highways Performance Benefit, Highways Performance Space;

"Houseworks", (live score), roving performance series , Venice;

"Unsex Me Here" performance/installation , (collaboration with Marianne Magne and Hannah Sim), Crazy Space Gallery , Santa Monica;

"The First of All My Dreams", (live score) , David Dratewka, Highways Performance  Space; 

"From Paramecium to Party Animal"  (live score), osseus  labyrint, LA Edge Festival, Park Plaza Hotel; 

"Grand Hope Flower", (performer), Rosanna Gamson/Worldwide, Grand Performances, California  Plaza/Watercourt ; 

"Sonopticon-99", video/music, Action Space, Los Angeles, 1999; 

"West Hollywood Gay & Lesbian Festival", with Barnes;

"Them", (live score), osseus labyrint, 1st Street Bridge, Los Angeles; 

The Brewery Artwalk , (Guitar Boy), The Brewery , Los Angeles; 

"The Tragedy of MacBeth" (live score), osseus labyrint, Highways Performance Space; 

"Queer Teenage Heaven" (live score/performer), Barnes, Highways Performance Space; 

Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, (Guitar Boy), Venice; 

"Dark Blue Mondays" Performance Series, (Guitar Boy), Los Angeles Theatre Center; 

"Long Beach Gay & Lesbian Fest", with Barnes; 

St. Stephen's Green, (Guitar Boy), Santa Monica; 

Cd Release Performance , (Guitar Boy), 610 Boyd, Los Angeles;

 Highways Tenth Anniversary, (Guitar Boy), Highways Performance Space; 

Book Bound, (Guitar Boy), Silverlake;

"Church of Art" with Llyn Foulkes, The Brewery, Los Angeles;

"Night Readings" (Guitar Boy), Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Art Park;

"Downtown Lives" (Guitar Boy), DADA Benefit, Los Angeles;

"XX: The Happening" (Guitar Boy), LACE Benefit, Hollywood Athletic Club; 

Al's Bar, (Guitar Boy), Los Angeles ; 

"Dead Man Talking : Confessions of a Zombie", (live score), Kestutis Nakas, The Marsh, San Francisco; 

McCabe's Guitar Shop, (Guitar Boy), Santa Monica; 

Silverlake Lounge, with Barnes;

 Artshare, (Guitar Boy), The Warehouse Gallery, Los Angeles ; 

"Pop Tarts" (Guitar Boy), Highways Performance Space;

The Marsh, (Guitar Boy), San Francisco; 

Canter's Kibitz Room, (Guitar Boy), Los Angeles ; 

Midnight Special Books, (Guitar Boy), Santa Monica; 

Highways 9th Anniversary Bash, (Guitar Boy), Highways Performance Space; 

Beyond Baroque, (Guitar Boy), Venice ; 

St. Stephen's Green, (Guitar Boy), Santa Monica; 

"reality sucks" , Cleveland International Performance Art Festival, Ohio;

"Pop Tarts", (Guitar Boy), Highways Performance Space; 

The Modern Salon, (Guitar Boy), Silverlake; 

14 Below, (Guitar Boy), Santa Monica; 

Al's Bar, (Guitar Boy), Los Angeles; 

"i hear it how it was now and as it is then" Railroad Tracks, 20th St. & Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica; 

"Toho Bohu", (live score) , Rachel Rosenthal & Co., Espace DbD, Los Angeles;

"Cake Mix", (Ockham 's Razor) , Damaged Goods Performance Series, Glaxa Studios, Silverlake; 

"Five Uneasy Pieces And Then Some" , (live score), Rachel Rosenthal & Co., California Center for the Arts, Escondido;

"After The Beep" performance/installation , Wide Open Open, Long Beach Arts; 

"For My Father'' Espace DbD, Los Angeles;

Largo, (Blithering Heights), Los Angeles ; 

Alligator Lounge, (Blithering Heights), Santa Monica;

"Childhood Memories Circa 1960" Espace DbD, Los Angeles;

 El Cerritos College, (Blithering Heights), El Cerritos; 

Eagles Cafe & Pub, (Blithering Heights), North Hollywood; 

Onyx Cafe, Los Feliz;

"DADA's Downtown Lives, (Ockham 's Razor), Los Angeles ; 

"Off Beat" (producer), Music and Video Series, Hollywood Moguls, Hollywood; 

"Fern Music" (producer), Music and Poetry Series, Hollywood Moguls, Hollywood; 

Largo, (Blithering Heights), Largo, Los Angeles;

The Onyx, (Blithering Heights), Los Feliz;

"Women Songwriters Night", (producer), The Whole, Los Angeles; 

Hollywood Moguls, (Blithering Heights), Hollywood; 

Onyx Cafe, Los Feliz;

Idyllwild School For the Arts , (Blithering Heights), ldllywild;

Onyx Cafe, (Blithering Heights),  Los Feliz;

"Christmas Carolers Promoting .. . "Westwood Village, Los Angeles; 

Alligator Lounge, (Blithering Heights), Santa Monica;

 Onyx Cafe, (Blithering Heights), Los Feliz; 

Al's Bar, Los Angeles; 

DADA's Downtown Lives, (Blithering Heights), Los Angeles; 

8121 Club, Hollywood; 

Largo, (Blithering Heights), Los Angeles; 

The Blue Cafe, Long Beach; 

Martini Lounge, (Blithering Heights), Hollywood; 

Coconut Teaser, (Blithering Heights), Hollywood; 

"Memento Mori", (installation performer) , Karen Finley, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles ; 

The Eclectic Cafe, North Hollywood; 

The Blue Cafe, Long Beach; 

At My Place, (Neo Geo), Santa Monica; 

Dandelion Cafe, Venice ;

 Club Can't Tell, (Neo Geo), Sacramento; 

Fox & Goose, (Neo Geo), Sacramento; 

Melarkeys, (Neo Geo), Sacramento ; 

Mansion Cellars, (Neo Geo), Davis; 

The Cock and Bull, (Neo Geo), Santa Monica; 

Cattle Club, (Neo Geo), Sacramento ; 

Club Can't Tell, (Neo Geo), Sacramento;

 C.S.U.S. Coffeehouse , Sacramento; 

Mansion Cellars , (Neo Geo), Davis; 

Melarkeys, (Neo Geo), Sacramento ; 

Fox & Goose, (Neo Geo), Sacramento ; 

Mansion Cellars , (Neo Geo), Davis, California ;

 The Creperie, Sacramento ; 

Melarkeys, (Neo Geo), Sacramento ; 

Drivers Inn, Sacramento; 

R Street Complex , (Neo Geo), Sacramento ; 

New Georges, (Neo Geo), San Rafael, California ;

 Melarkeys, Sacramento ; 

C.S.U.S. Coffeehouse , Sacramento ; 

Club Can't Tell, (Neo Geo), Sacramento ; 

Lava Lounge, (Neo Geo), San Francisco, California ; 

Fox & Goose, (Neo Geo), Sacramento ; 

William Land Park Amphitheater , (Neo Geo), Musicians Advocate Benefit; 

Club Can't Tell, (Neo Geo), Sacramento ;

 U.C. Davis Animal Rights Benefit, Davis, California ; 

Redwood Room, (Neo Geo), California State University, Sacramento ; 

Noon Concert, (Neo Geo), California State University, Sacramento; 

Melarkeys, (Neo Geo), Sacramento ; 

Sacramento City College, Nooner (Neo Geo);

 Blue Mango, Davis; Mansion Cellars , (Neo Geo), Davis; 

Chi Chi Club, (Neo Geo), San Francisco



sound  . music scores . installations, performances, video, film 


"Modern Prometheus LLC" osseus labyrint, UCLA Live International Theatre Festival 2004; 

"Waiting Women" Violette Villard, Director, 2003; 

"Beverly Blvd." Barnaby Levy, Director, 2002; 

"Feast" Lauren Hartman, Director, 2002, 

"Signal To Noise" Esther Mera, Director, 2002; 

"Cosmic Phenomena and Related Species" Marianne Magne, 2002,

"Give and Take" Lauren Hartman, Director, 2002; 

"Fairy" Mark Rucker and Lauren Hartman, Directors, Side Street Live, 2001; 

"The Brain Stripped Bare" Rebecca Allen , 2001;

"Winter Museum" Lauren Hartman, Director, Electric Lodge, 2001;

"52 Miles of Concrete" Mark Steger and Hannah Sim, Directors, 2001; 

"Chrysalis" , Spring Forward Dance Concert 2000, Cal State L.A., 2000;

"Labor," Are You Interested Performance Series, SSI, El Segundo, 2000;

"From Paramecium to Party Animal" osseus labyrint, 1999;

"Club Kids in New York", Barnes, The Getty Friday Night Poet's Series, 1999;

"Palingenesis" Belluard Bollwerk International Festival, osseus labyrint, 1999;

"The First of All My Dreams" David Dratewka, Director, 1999;

"Them" osseus labyrint, 1999;

"The Tragedy of MacBeth" osseus labyrint, 1999;

"Queer Teenage Heaven" Barnes, 1999;

"Gold Cup" Guitar Boy performance, Lucas Reiner, Director, 1999; 

"Super Love" Peter Schroff, Director, 1999;

"Life History of a Star" Jennifer Gentile, Director, 1998; 

"Completely, Totally , Utterly" Philip Hwang, Director, 1997; 

"Alternate Realities" Jeremy Rubin, Director, 1996;

"My Pretty Little Girlfriend" Jennifer Gentile, Director, 1996;

"Love and Sex, Etc." Daniel Yost, Director, 1995;

"Self Sanction" Paul Vincent Fusco, Director, 1995;

"Spoiled Milk" Sherry Beckman, Director, 1995;

"Todd and Mary" Lawrence Choi, Director, 1995



audio releases


"Freaks Like Me" Guitar Boy, cd, GliB Records, 1999

"Hale Bopp & Associates " Ockham's Razor, cassette, OR Records, 1997

"Blithering Heights" Blithering Heights, cd/cassette, Euphonius Records, 1996

"Inhaling the Spore" Ockham's Razor, cassette, OR Records, 1995 

"Bold Talk For a One-Eyed Fat Man" Neo Geo, cd/cassette, Funktionslust Records, 1992 

"Hands of Fate" Neo Geo, cassette, Ampus Music, 1991 

"Neo Geo" Neo Geo, cassette, Ampus Music, 1990



radio .  live streaming


KXLU, Los Angeles "Demolisten", Guitar Boy live performance, 2001 

"The Beth Lapides Experience", Guitar Boy, 2000 

"Knit Active" KnittingFactory .com, Guitar Boy, 2000

KXLU, Los Angeles "Echo in the Sense", Guitar Boy interview, June, 2000 KPFK, Los Angeles "The Fringe Element" Guitar Boy, March, 2000

KPFK, Los Angeles "The Fringe Element" Guitar Boy, October, 1999

KXLU, Los Angeles "Echo in the Sense" Guitar Boy, October, 1998 KXLU, Los Angeles "Echo in the Sense" Guitar Boy, July, 1998 

KRVT, Colorado, Neo Geo interview, 1993

KUSC, Los Angeles, Neo Geo interview, 1993

College Music Journal's "Top 100 Albums " chart, Neo Geo, 1992 KVMR, Nevada City, Neo Geo, 1992

KYDS, Sacramento Arts Perspective Radio Show, Neo Geo, 1991 

KVMR, "Sacramentunes" (Critics Corner) Nevada City, Neo Geo, 1989 KDJQ, "Out of the Box", Citrus Heights, Neo Geo, 1988





Ockham's Razor (music/performance art) 1994-present 

Guitar Boy (music/performance art) 1997-2006

Los Angeles Art Association 1997-1998 

The Rachel Rosenthal Company (performance art) 1995-96 

Blithering Heights (music/performance art) 1993-95

Neo Geo (music) 1986-92

Musicians Advocate (board member, nonprofit arts organization) 1986-88





Art (volunteer), Safe Place For Youth (S.P.Y.) Venice, CA

Art (volunteer), Warm Hands Rehabilitation Center, Sacramento, CA

Photography, San Francisco Bay Girl Scout Council, Pescadero, CA

Piano, Kline Music, Sacramento, CA and privately



press .  reviews


“Online Panel: Discussing Louisiana Contemporary, Presented by the Helis Foundation”, February 6, 2021 (artist/curator talk)

“Tour of Louisiana Contemporary with Rene Morales, 2020 Juror,, February 6, 2021 (review)

“Chronicle of a Lost Year: Louisiana Contemporary 2020” by Benjamin Morris,, February 5, 2021 (review)

Q&A with Ann Perich/Third Place Winner in “Louisiana Contemporary”, January 27, 2021 (interview)

“Ogden contemporary exhibit shows Louisiana talent” by Meredith Abdelnour,, November 3, 2020 (review)

The Argonaut "17 WORDS" January 18, 2017 (quote)

Artweek.LA “Rhea Ashcraft and Margot Waller Madgett: Merge+Mix=Mingle,” February 22, 2014 (Trunk Gallery)

The Argonaut “Graduating from 'collage' with honors – pop artist Maxwell Coppola tackles a new medium,” December 19, 2013 (Trunk Gallery)

Times Square Chronicles “Smokey Miles in '21 Hours by 21 Artists' at Trunk Gallery in Venice, CA,” October 9, 2013 (Trunk Gallery)

Artweek.LA “Raffaello Grimaldi: Not all Wandering Souls Are Lost,” June 17, 2013 (Trunk Gallery)

FABRIK “Raffaello Grimaldi: Not All Wandering Souls Are Lost at Trunk Gallery,” June 13, 2013 (Trunk Gallery)

Artweek.LA “Mark Daybell: If you can't join them, beat them,” May 6, 2013 (Trunk Gallery)

FABRIK “Mark Daybell: 'If You Can't Join Them, Beat Them' at Trunk Gallery,” May 5, 2013 (Trunk Gallery)

Santa Monica Mirror “Gallery Raises Money For Venice High's Oakgrove,” April 10, 2013 (Trunk Gallery)

FABRIK “Joseph Umali Fernandez: Strong in Pieces at Trunk Gallery,” April 10, 2013 (Trunk Gallery)

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The Sacramento Union, "Outdoor Rock" June 11, 1987 (photo)

Valley Music News "The Spotlight", March 1987 (interview/photo)

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