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Tribute to Ai Wei Wei

on the Occasion of his 58th Birthday

(in 3 parts)




240 lbs. sunflower seeds, mounted photograph, paint

12 ft x 5.3 ft. x 8.6 ft

(Wei Wei'sSunflower Seedswas a 2010 installation at London’s Tate Modern featuring millions of ceramic seeds that were each individually handcrafted by workers in Jingdezhen, China.)



Reinactment of He Xiangyu's The Death of Marat (2011) featuring performer Wesley Pacleb as Ai Wei Wei.



With Flowers

(With Flowers endured for about 600 days. Ai Wei Wei started the performance on November 30, 2013, more than two years

into his confinement. The demonstration serves as a record of his imprisonment – each morning he placed a bouquet of flowers in the basket of a bicycle that stood outside his studio in Beijing.)

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